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A cute wee 925 sterling silver band set with a round stone of your choice. The stone measures approximately 8mm and the ring band measures approximately 2.3mm. My Mama named it the 'Droplet Ring' as the round stone looks like a droplet of water.


Choose your preferred stone from the drop-down box - please be aware that the stones do vary in price. Have a read below about some of the  properties attributed to each stone.


Amethyst - It is said that Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone. It is said to aid meditation and act as a natural soother by balancing mood swings, reducing anger, fear and anxiety.


Garnet - Garnet is said to be a stone of energy and regeneration. It is believed to bring hope, courage and strength when times seem dark.


Black Onyx - Onyx is said to promotes stamina and provides support as well as mental and physical strength in times of need.


Blue Goldstone - Blue Goldstone is a manmade stone of deep blue flecked with sparkles. It is made with quartz sand and copper. It reminds me of a perfect star filled sky on a clear night. Take a breath and make a wish.


Turquoise - Turquoise is said to be a protection stone and has been used in jewellery for thousands of years. It is a healing stone and is said that it can reduce emotional exhaustion and dispel negative energy.


Rose Quartz - Rose quartz is the stone of love and healing. It is said it can attract love if you are looking for it or it can help heal a grieving heart. It can encourage self-love and acceptance.


Black Tourmalinated Quartz – Black Tourmalinated Quartz is said to be a grounding stone helps to encourage negative thoughts into positive thoughts.


Lapis Lazuli - Lapis Lazuli is a protective stone bringing peace and serenity. It encourages self-awareness, honesty and reaching for your goals.


As most of the rings on my website are made to order it is important you are 100% sure of your size before you order. The best way to find out your ring size is to get your finger sized by a jeweller. Most jewellery shops will provide this service free of charge – just nip in and ask! However if this is not possible, I sell plastic ring sizers here.


This piece has not been hallmarked as it falls under the weight Silver needs to be before it legally has to be hallmarked. If you would like to purchase the piece but would like it hallmarked I can arrange this for an additional fee.


Each piece of jewellery is handmade by me and is finished to a high standard. However due to the handmade nature of the jewellery and the fact I mostly use natural, hand cut stones, the jewellery may have small ‘quirks’, inclusions or facets. This shows the unique, handmade and artisan nature of the jewellery and adds to the individuality and beauty of the piece.


Please allow 21 working days for your order to be made prior to me shipping it. I often have your order ready before this time but as I am a one woman and one dog team and the majority of my items are made to order I have set this timeframe to avoid any disappointment. That being said, if you need your item urgently for a birthday or event etc then please let me know BEFORE ordering ( or on the talk to me form) and I will see what I can do.

Droplet Ring

  • Please refer to the jewellery care section on the main menu.

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